Tuesday 19 May 2009

Induction program takes off at the ICCO office

From Monday May 25th until Saturday 6th June 2009 the induction program will be held at the ICCO Alliance office in the Netherlands. During these two weeks the newly appointed staff members from the Regional Working Offices (RWO's) will receive an introductory training. They will be introduced to ICCO’s corporate identity and values, in the underlying vision behind current change processes and in the background of ICCO policies and programs. After this training the staff members should be better equipped to do their daily work in various RWO's.

The introduction training will use a participatory approach to learning. The learning process will be guided by two teams of process facilitators form ICCO; Mart Hovens/Marlou Pijnappel and Kees de Ruiter/Lilian Muhungi. Wageningen International Centre for Capacity Development and Institutional Change (CDIC) will facilitate part of the program.

Kees de Ruiter and Lilian Muhungi welcome participants to the induction program

If you want to be kept updated on the progress of the training please view the induction training wiki and the posts which will be regularly posted on this blog during the training

By Kees de Ruiter, Lilian Muhungi and Stephanie Zwier

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