Thursday 23 October 2008

Implementing the ProCoDe process - a process review

The process review of ProCoDe was presented to members of the ICCO Alliance in Utrecht on October 24, 2008. The interest in this review was reflected by the high turn up of approximately fifty people and the seemingly inexhaustible questions raised by the end of the presentation.

The R&D department opened by emphasising their continuing interest in monitoring the ProCode process, under the leadership of Irene Guijt. The evaluation team is comprised of Irene Guijt, Kate Hamilton, Celine D'Cruz (Asia pilot), Natalia Ortiz (Latin America pilot) and Moussiliou Alidou (Africa pilot).

From Irene's presentation, it became clear that the earlier used term of 'evaluation' insufficiently addresses the process that will characterise the work her team will do. Her team therefore swiftly suggested to label the work a 'process review'. Characteristic to this review is openness to change and flexibility in the approach. The audience questioned the boundaries and limitations of this flexibility.

Irene shared some ideas she currently has on ProCoDe. It comprises three components: the programmatic approach, co-responsibility, and decentralisation. The pinnacle idea of these three seems to be co-responsibility. This expresses the central vision, while the programmatic approach and decentralisation, she suggested, serves this more pinnacle vision of co-responsibility.

ProCoDe is based on several assumptions and the team will do their best to make these assumptions explicit. It furthermore has high-level ambitions, the team will listen to what extent these ambitions become reality. The emerging context specific realities will also be reflected upon.

Irene Guijt briefly presents some aspects of ProCoDe and its value

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by Stephanie Zwier

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