Monday, 19 March 2007


Here I am "blogging", although playing with the idea I never thought I would actually do such a thing. It seems so exhibitionistic ;-o. But ok, I have been convinced of its usefulness especially for our ICCO-Alliance Learning Network. Let me tell you how come and wherefore this "Blog" has been started.

Thursday March 15th was a really nice and inspiring day. I was in Maastricht talking with the Euforic team about to plan the implementation of the Support programme for ICCO Knowledge and Learning Networks. We talked about all kind of issues like the mapping of what already is being done, what tools we could use, how to get some coherence within the various activities, preparation of workshops etc. I think we really got some good plans and a promising start.

And of course there was one element of the programme we just had to talk about: the knowledge sharing among all involved in the ICCO-Alliance Capacity Development Programme and especially the Learning Facilitators. If the LF's don't share their experiences and ideas how can we ask it from our colleagues within the Alliance and our partners? So that is how we came to the idea to start this blog.

The idea is that all of us, especially the LF's regularly write some short stories bout what they have been doing and learning. It could be about anything as long as it has to do with our "learning". An anecdote, a bright idea which came up during a meeting, a "golden nugget" you saw while visiting a partner, or just an announcement.

Everybody who wants can subscribe to the Blog and get the postings in their email box. But if preferred one can also just now and then have a look at it (

OK, friends I hope this tool will help to keep us updated on our activities and especially on our learning's, so please do not hesitate to contribute!


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