Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Compart team training

On July 10 team Mission of ICCO & Kerk in Actie was trained in Compart flower. Since we thought that the Compart flower could be very useful for our work we decided to get trained on this new phenomenon as a team so it could be especially applied to our needs and wishes. It is also very nice to all start with this new way of working the same time.

The training started with mapping our partners and their internet possibilities. This helped to get an overviewe of which of our partners could benefit from the Compart flower.

The rest of the day we were trained on the different parts of the Compart flower which could be useful for us and our partners. We all enjoyed the training very much and became aware of the possibilities for our work.

At the moment we are working out the best way to use the Compart flower and are trying to "socialise" it in the team and our working methods. One way we try to do this is by weekly giving someone of the team the Mission WIKI award. The one who has been the most active on the Mission wiki receives this award. It is just a fun way of promoting the wiki and stimulating everybody to start using it.

Team Mission

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Microlearning2008 Conference

The 4th Microlearning 2008 Conference focussed on 'Microlearning & Capacity Building'. It was held from June 25th – 27th 2008 in Innsbruck, Austria. The conference venue was the University of Innsbruck.

… was about the dramatic impact of digital microcontent on the way we are living and working.

Workers and learners become “digital beings” who will have to adapt to swimming in a sea of “micro-information”.

→ The patterns of attention of media users are undergoing fundamental changes.

→ Enterprises & educational institutions will have to reorganize information, communication, and learning for a new kind of “micro-information ecology”.

Featured speakers were Judy Breck (USA) and Teemu Arina (Finland). Judy's presentation deals with 'Cloud Education'. Teemu spoke in Innsbruck about 'Innovation and Microinformation'. Both their presentations are on video.

Being familiar with these speakers I can fully recommand their presentations. Judy and I co-blog on Smartmobs. Teemu I have met in person in November 2005 during the 'Mindtrek' conference in Tampere Finland.

Judy Beck saught to convince the audience that these two things are crucial to the future of learning:

Delivering the cloud to individual students is the key mobile role for education.

The node junction between web assets is the most important component of online learning.

The Conference Proceedings

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tweetboard of a community of practice

Despite the severe growth problems that Twitter encounters today the die hards keep their optimism about it's potential as a collaborative tool for microblogging. Notice the KM4DevWiki on Twitter and read the Twitter collaboration stories that Nancy White collected.

Some users see it as their external memory and trust google for a perfect index service. Others prefer to see Twitter as a convenient way to stay in touch with peers in their field of practice. This blog item is meant to illustrate how twitter can be used for knowledge sharing in a community of practice.

In a tweetboard I have put up some examples of tweet streams by members of the KM4Dev network. This way I follow (among others) the tweets of twitter friend Christian Kreutz. A close look gives you a pretty good idea of how Chris makes it work for him.

If you like to look at the tweets of more early adopters go to my start4all page that is set up with links to background info and good practices on Twitter.

Still hesitant about the practical use of Twitter? Try it yourself, for what it is is up to us .... Do realize that the generated content in those short messages differ as widely as the users.

You are welcome at if you want to see how the blogger of this item twitters privately.