Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tweetboard of a community of practice

Despite the severe growth problems that Twitter encounters today the die hards keep their optimism about it's potential as a collaborative tool for microblogging. Notice the KM4DevWiki on Twitter and read the Twitter collaboration stories that Nancy White collected.

Some users see it as their external memory and trust google for a perfect index service. Others prefer to see Twitter as a convenient way to stay in touch with peers in their field of practice. This blog item is meant to illustrate how twitter can be used for knowledge sharing in a community of practice.

In a tweetboard I have put up some examples of tweet streams by members of the KM4Dev network. This way I follow (among others) the tweets of twitter friend Christian Kreutz. A close look gives you a pretty good idea of how Chris makes it work for him.

If you like to look at the tweets of more early adopters go to my start4all page that is set up with links to background info and good practices on Twitter.

Still hesitant about the practical use of Twitter? Try it yourself, for what it is is up to us .... Do realize that the generated content in those short messages differ as widely as the users.

You are welcome at if you want to see how the blogger of this item twitters privately.

1 comment:

Michael Riggs said...

I've been reading & thinking about Twitter for too long ... Thanks for providing the "straw" with these posts. You have convinced me to jump in and try it myself!