Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The power of mass collaboration

The notion that 'knowledge resides in the network' keeps surprising. Via the twitterfeed of knowledge management expert Christian Kreutz *) I was pointed today to the master thesis of the CEO of Zpply, Mr. Ahmad Ghazawneh, with the intriguing title Managing Mass Collaboration (June, 2008).

*) see Kreutz's favorites on deli.ci.us and especially the set tagged with web2.0 + knowledge_management (another set of links on deli.ci.us that I like to recommand here are the favorites of community guru Nancy White aka Choconancy)

Mass collaboration is a collaboration model that is based on collective actions that occurs and takes place while large numbers of contributors and participants work independently but collaboratively in a single project which is modular in its nature.

The purpose of the study is to create and form a process framework from existing theories, practices and approaches in order to manage mass collaboration's initiatives and projects in organizations, and has the ability to analyze and describe those projects.

According to Ghazawneh the power of mass collaboration is also attracting governments' agencies, noticing that mass collaboration can make their work more effective.

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