Tuesday, 17 June 2008

ComPart South Workshop 16 and 17 June 2008, Lisbon (2)

It is amazing how much a group can do in two days. After all introductory and explanatory talks yesterday, today we mainly used to work in two groups. The question to the groups was Each Group imagined a programme and a region in which it would be executed, and find out what should have been done and how by the end of 2010 as to make the ComPart idea support the quality of the programme. After hard working both groups came with very realistic and good scenarios about what could happen. Of course we did not find solutions for everything, many points have to be worked out still, but we have an excellent basis to work on further. It was also very nice to hear that all expressed their willingness to keep on working and contributing on the support of ComPart in the South.

As an interesting detail we also learnt about a for most of us new way of presenting the results of group work, using “Freemind”. In the picture below such a presentation is shown.

As so often during this type of workshops we had some moments of confusion as you can hear from David Barnard (SangoNet – South Africa), but - also as so often - confusion can very well lead to clarity.

So after two days of hard working we all enjoyed a good meal while watching “The footbal games”, and together with the one Italian and the one Dutchman we could end the day satisfied an very content. Many thanks to the Euforic team for the very good preparation, logistics and facilitation!

Now we are looking forward to the following next days in which we will participate in the KM4dev meeting.

Maarten Boers


Gerrit Visser said...

Maarten mentioning the confusion as part of the creative process reminds of Xerox former Chief Scientist John Seely Brown. When JSB became a wellknown learning theorist he called himself 'Chief of Confusion' helping people ask the right question.

Anonymous said...

Maarten, the chart mentions 'explore Web 5.0'. I thought I was finally getting to terms with Web 2.0, so please can you brief me on what I have missed...

Gerrit Visser said...

Maarten it was a nice surprise to ride the train home and receiving on my mobile device via twitter a message from Christian Kreutz letting me know that you guys are involved in the same event. Ignorant I was exploring KM4Dev, unaware of the network connections.