Tuesday, 17 June 2008

ComPart South Workshop 16 and 17 June 2008, Lisbon (1)

As announced in the previous post, these days a workshop is organised in Lisbon to talk about how to set up support on ComPart for Southern partners. Twelve people from all over the world are participating. The main idea is to generate ideas on how to introduce the ComPart tools and especially the "ComPart thinking" among Southern Partners involved in the programmes supported by the ICCO Alliance.

As you can see in the programme we used this first day to explain the backgrounds about ComPart (what it is and why the ICCO-Alliance is introducing using it) and sharing the related experiences of the participants. It became clear the gathered experience is a really good and fruitful basis for the discussions of tomorrow. To give you an idea about who they are, hereby a couple of presentations of the participants.

Olivier Sagna - Codesria, Senegal

Margarita Salas - Sulá Batsú, Costa Rica

The last part of this afternoon we started with a kind of a brainstorm asking all the participants to give some feed back on ComPart and the question whether this way of working for sharing information and experience has potential for Southern Partners. Some very interesting ideas on the role of “enabling organisations” have been mentioned. Tomorrow we will further concretize them and hopefully also come to define some possible strategies on how to work further on the introduction. I will come back to that in a next post.

Maarten Boers


Gerrit Visser said...

Maarten thanx for keeping us posted from Lisbon. Looking forward to read about the outcome of these sessions. Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Well written article.