Thursday, 5 June 2008

Use your google account as RSS-reader

After seeing some new possibilities in the course on RSS and I started experimenting with my google account.

The cool thing of the company google is that they give their employees 20% innovation time. This means that many cool ideas also have the 'frame' of development within the company.

I already used the Google Agenda, but have now also found the google RSS-reader. You can use it similar as your iGoogle account, but the main advantages of using the reader above the iGoogle are:

  • that you can see, how many articles are unread
  • you can see more articles than the iGoogle's maximum of 9
  • you not only get the headlines, but also the first lines of the texts, or the pictures

Want to try it out for yourself?

  • Login on your iGoogle account.
  • In the top of the screen you find navigation buttons to different Google features.
  • There you can find "Reader" (or when its not in there, click on the "more" button)
  • Add your feeds with the "Abonnement toevoegen" button
  • And start following your favorite pages

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compart admin team said...

A very good idea Anouska, so many thanks for the tip.
Perhaps it would be good to mention your name in next post so we all can see who wrote it.