Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Digerati Wannabe

Good chance you know what serendipity is. Looking for something specific and finding a connection you were not looking for, but which link appears to be of at least as much value than what you searched for.

This occurred to me today. While I was checking some resources on collaborative work environments I ran into a blog that caused such an unexpected surprise.

It is a weblog with the name 'A Digerati Wannabe'. Triggered by that title 'Digerati' I checked it out and found some great 'thoughts about knowledge management, development work, life'.

You may want to decide for yourself and see what's in it for you! To know more about the owner and author Michael Riggs, don't forget to look at Michaels LinkedIn profile. Happy reading !!

P.S.: added Riggs favourites to my personal network and sent an invite to connect and stay in touch via LinkedIn, and looked at my new heroes website on e-agriculture!

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