Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The "luxury" of selfreflection

Today I met James. James is working within an organization, that has the courage to take regularly a week of to learn. You may say: ”Yes that is good, we should all do this occasionally, take a week of to reflect and learn. Look for feed-back, get new insights and inspiration.” In the mean time I think: Yes I try also my best to reflect every month about what will be of importance with regard to my personal and my business goals. And again, whenever I have a ‘to do’ list I often take some time to think about my intentions, related to every item. This provides me with some of the energy of the end result, instead of with the energy of ‘having to do stuff’. And yes, I need a certain discipline, but it helps me to get results and attack even the more heavier jobs. So what was so special about James?

He said: “We do this every month. It is not just an occasional reflection week.” “Wow!” I said: “Every month, one week?” and he: “Yes we call it our home week”. Later on during lunch he explained more about how they organize it, what the permanent elements are and how they bring in creativity and specific themes. I just thought that it might be worth to consider, when he said: “I cannot anymore imagine who we would be without it.” Yes indeed it is about ‘being’ not ‘doing’. We talk a lot about learning organizations, but we need to ‘become’ the change we want to create.

On my way back home, I met a friend of mine in the train, she is heading a team of teachers and she referred directly to a recent reflection activity she had with her team and what it provided. Yes it is true, we can be our own best teachers. How would our world look like, I continued to think, when we reflected on a regular basis on our behaviour, our thinking and even our paradigms behind it? We would learn more from our self than from say consultants or the WRR.

Today was the first day of the “home week” of ICCO, a week of reflection about the programmatic approach. Congratulations ICCO for spending a whole week on learning about your own experiences in programmes. You are your own best source of wisdom. Take the opportunity to participate in appreciating the programmatic approach.

Domien Bruinsma (appreciation facilitator WA Cotton Programme)

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