Friday, 5 March 2010

Seven reasons why the new PBworks Business Edition is good for you!

PBworks is the wiki platform that we are using in ComPart and they have recently released a new version that has a lot of new and improved features. In fact, PBworks offers now more than just the possibility to create wikis, and the benefit of this can summarized as follows:
  1. PBworks offers the possibility to create a 'securely open garden' for the ICCO Alliance flowers to grow in a protected environment, leaving the possibility open for 'outsiders' to view and comment on the greater part of the content.

  2. It has chat and instant messaging functionalities, to exchange with colleagues in real time while you are working on a wiki.

  3. Users can create project related milestones and assign tasks.

  4. It makes possible to differentiate between 'network users' that can join all workspaces in the network, and 'guest' that are invited only to specific workspaces.

  5. It provides a better overview of what's happening in the garden, bringing together in one single place all the notifications about changes in the different workspaces.

  6. It has social functionalities, with each user able to create and update his/her profile and status and to 'follow' others users.

  7. Economically, it provided to be a great deal!
We as ComPart admin team are very happy with these new development, even if they entails some extra work for us in terms of getting all the network users aboard and setting rights and permissions for users and guests...

To support ICCO Alliance staff and partners in this process and to help you find your way in the new ComPart network, we're developing a series of user manuals and guides. Please let us know if something is still missing, and if you need specific explanations we are not yet providing.

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