Tuesday, 26 October 2010

ComPart FAQs and guides

In ComPart, we pay a lot of attention to the need of the users and make a constant effort to provide them with the adequate support material. Even though we believe that the different ComPart tools are rather easy to use - at a basic level - we recognize the value of support and self-learning material.

In the past months, we have focussed our attention on developing a series of FAQs that can provide quick reference and step by step guidance to the use of different applications.

Do you have questions related to the ComPart Network on PBworks? Or questions related to the use of specific tools? Do you want to know how these tools can support you daily activities?

The FAQs are updated as new questions emerged. Of course we welcome your comment and suggestion - please use the comment field here or at the bottom of the FAQs page if you want to suggest a new item not currently included in the list.

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