Friday, 8 July 2011

Usage of digital tools in ICCO - Stats 2011 Q2

An important element of the project we are supporting in ICCO consists of monitoring the usage and traffic of the different digital tools.

The statistics from the first two quarters of 2011 show a mixed trend.

While the pageviews on the different workspaces have slightly decreased compared to the same period of the previous years, the visits have instead increased quite significantly - from 8300 to over 21000. We do not know what this really means, we are looking into possible reasons and inform you as soon as we found out more.

As also experienced last year, the traffic on blogs and video is also diminishing, and this is clearly due to the fact that less content has been posted on this spaces.

What keep on being very popular instead is SlideShare: in the first 6 months on 2011, the presentations uploaded on the ICCO Alliance account recorded well over 7000 views. For this period, two presentations stands out in terms of views: "Human Rights Framework" and "ICCO, Connect4Change and ICT for Economic Development".

In the coming weeks, we'll look more closely at these results and see how we need to change and adapt our work and the support given to the usage of the different tools.

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