Monday, 16 April 2007

The 22 March Learning Facilitators Retreat

Thirteen of us gathered at the old saw mill 'de Ster' to explore how the Alliance's learning networks are doing. The plan was to get a better sense of where the various networks are - and what's needed to move forward in 2007.

Read the full report

Also read the posting on the Retreat by Maarten Boers; and the comment by Jora.

posting by peter ballantyne

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Maarten said...

Thanks Peter, I think this is a rather good summary of the workshop. Of course many – interesting – details are missing, but one can not expect more from a 10 to 14 paragraphs report.

My conclusion is that the main questions refer to the "how". What must I/we do, tomorrow morning as to make my/our learning network function? What are crucial do's and don'ts? How do I/we reach our intended audience? And so on ………………….

Well, I am sure together we will find some very promising and perhaps even exiting answers to these questions. But we will have to work on them. Suggestions will follow. I promise.