Monday, 21 May 2007

Roles and tasks within the programmatic approach

On 9 May, we organized a workshop on Capacity Development Programme in the Alliance: “Roles and Tasks within the Programmatic Approach”, with participation of different stakeholders within the Alliance.

It was an inspiring day in which the objectives; to introduce and to further develop the capacity development programme – were taken a step forward. Despite the complexity of the programme and because of the involvement of different actors, levels and organizations within the Alliance, we felt that the discussions helped to make concrete proposals how to define the short and longer term agenda.

Time and tools for learning and reflecting, how to anchor ‘learning’ in the organizational processes so it will not be seen as an ‘extra burden’, a climate were you can learn from failures, how to share and exchange experiences? These are only some of the challenges we discussed the learning agenda.

Read the full report.

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