Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Communication & Development: The State of the Art

Mini Seminar ‘Communication & Development: The State of the Art'

On April 16th five international experts from the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), gave a presentation about their work on Communication for Development, and was followed by a short discussion facilitated by Dr. Albert van den Heuvel.

It was an inspiring meeting, to hear from very dedicated an professional people about their work, experiences and views on communication. Specially for this meeting some handouts were prepared on the work of WACC on the specific ICCO-Alliance themes. As only a handful of colleagues assisted the meeting I would like to use this way to share these handouts with you:

After the presentation we had a short discussion which in my words led to the following conclusion:
Promoting the right to - value based - communication is essential to development and analysing well the intended audiences can make this communication effective.

In Oktober 2008 WACC is organising a world wide seminar on communication in South Africa with the title: Communication IS Peace.


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