Monday, 7 April 2008

RPC's the "spiders in the webs"?

>On Friday 4th April, three new regional process coordinators (Central America, South Asia, West Africa) and colleagues from PIT spent the afternoon exploring the ComPart toolkit.

Maarten Boers set the scene, then Peter Ballantyne introduced how the various tools can be grouped into those that are more 'personal' - to track and share information, and those that are more for a 'group' to share and communicate with each other and with the rest of the alliance. He explained that, ultimately, the idea is that these tools will also provide ways for Alliance partners in a region to share among themselves and with the Alliance. [see his short presentation]

Pier Andrea Pirani then led the group through the toolkit - ComPart toolbar, iGoogle, search, wiki, dgroups, blogging and interwise. Despite jetlag and the end of week timing, the group enthusiastically explored several of the tools, particularly iGoogle, Dgroups and the wikis. The future looks bright!

After the session we asked Frederika and Peter to explain a little about the new RPC roles.

For Frederika Meijer, the RPC has an important role in bringing ICCO closer to the field:

According to Peter Oomen: An "RPC will work as 'spiders in a web', connected to people in Utrecht, to the Regional Councils members and to the Programme coalitions":

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