Saturday, 16 June 2007

Adding value in Kyrgyzstan agriculture

This 2007 report by Eugene Ryazanov for ICCO and Helvetas examines how farmers, processors, and traders in Kyrgyzstan can set up a win-win situation in the fruit and vegetable production and processing sectors.

The booklet aims to analyse added value at different stages of the chain and possible ways of cooperation and business development of all the actors and supporters involved and it can also be used as a reference for market information. The main readers of the booklet are expected to be people involved in development cooperation working with agricultural producers, processors and traders.

The booklet is based on experiences gained in the Local Market Development Project in Kyrgyzstan, funded by ICCO and Helvetas Kyrgyzstan. The first phase of the project lasted from 2005 to 2006, the second phase from 2006 to 2008. The project focuses on 4 'oblasts' (districts), includes 10 value chains and targets 2000 farmers, mainly marginal and disadvantaged groups like resource-poor farmers, ethnic minorities and women.

The booklet contains three chapters. The first chapter analyses added value in eight selected value chains related to crops grown in Kyrgyzstan, namely: early potatoes, late potatoes, wheat, raw fibre cotton, ginned cotton, oil and cake, tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbages.

The second chapter focuses on ways of increasing added value at different stages of the value chain: at farmer, processor and trader level.

The third chapter has some recommendations on effective approaches and possible tools for the development of value chain actors. The provided approaches and tools are those that have actually been used by the Local Market Development Project and its partners for several years in Kyrgyzstan.

Read the report.

The synopsis was prepared by Justine Anschütz to help make ICCO sponsored 'research' more accessible

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