Thursday, 28 June 2007

What's -in- the name?

Knowledge Centre Democratisation and Peacebuilding kick-off
June 26 2007

It finally happened! After months and months of waiting, thinking, and meeting up now and then, the knowledge centre on Democratisation and Peacebuilding issues will get started. The participating members of the network are Cordaid, IKV/PaxChristi and ICCO/Kerkinactie. That’s just for now, probably more members will join when the knowledge centre will be a bit more settled in our organisations. Because that is what it is all about; the centre should strengthen the work of our organisations, as well as in the Netherlands as in the South. The other function of the centre is to ‘pick up’ interesting topics, circulating in the ‘world’ of D&V. The attending employees of the members of the centre were enthusiastic, although much has to be said yet about the topics the centre will discuss. The list ranges from issues like Counter Terrorism Measures to Identity and Conflict. The next step for the centre is to determine a research list and to develop a website to share information on these issues. But; first of all, we need a name! Any good ideas?

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