Thursday, 28 June 2007

Gender dimensions of post-conflict reconstruction

One of the challenges I face as an advisor on gender and partner policy is how to interweave a gender perspective at various levels in ICCO's programmes: from the conceptual level to the practical implementation level, and within a variety of themes.

A useful report I recently set my eyes on is "The Gender Dimensions of Post-Conflict Reconstruction. The Challenges in Development Aid" (by Marcia E. Greenberg and Elaine Zuckerman). It gave me ideas on how to systematically address gender issues and promote gender equality to make peacebuilding work. I would love to share the document with whoever is interested.

It argues that achieving successful reconstruction and maintaining peace requires attention to gender in the post-conflict arena. The framework proposed consists of three interrelated essential gender dimensions: (i) women-focused activities, (ii) gender-aware programming, and (iii) gender role transformation to heal trauma, build social capital and avoid further violence.

Read the paper.

By Janet Rodenburg

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