Wednesday, 2 December 2009

ComPart support for the workshop on value chain development

After the successful experience of using ComPart to document and report from the International Working Conference (September 2009), we're in Bunnik today and tomorrow supporting a workshop on value chain development programmes organised by the SFED department.

Since the re-organization in 2007, when the Social and Fair Economic Development (SFED) department was created, ICCO made a great leap in the development of SFED programmes all over the world. Now, three years later it is time to look back and forward.

In particular, looking at value chain development programmes, what has been achieved? What are the successes elements and the difficulties faced? What are the challenges for the future? Which possible directions to take?

Some 20 people both from the central office as well as regional offices are discussing these issues, comparing notes and share experiences in VCD programmes, taking stock of lessons learned and from here developing strategies for future work.

In this sense, the event is taking the form of a writeshop: experiences shared, reflections, lessons learned as well as recommendations will be recorded and put on a wiki during the workshop. A series of 'blips' will also be recorded to capture the converstaions as their are happening and share them with a wider audience.

Stay tuned for updates!

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