Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The four roles of the ICCO Alliance; Day three of the induction program

The day started with "A Moment of Inspiration", lighting the candles by sharing feelings of each participant.

The program of the day was dedicated to "Open Space" with four principles:
Whoever comes is the right people
Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
Whenever it starts is the right time
When it's over, it's over.
The objective of the "Open Space" was to understand the four roles of the ICCO Alliance; strategic funding, brokering, lobby & advocacy and capacity building through three cases. The central question was: What do we learn from the three cases on the implementation of ICCO's four roles? The participants of the session were Central Working Office (CWO) staff and Regional Working Office (RWO) staff. The facilitator had asked the participants to write down burning questions and put them on the wall.

In the morning session participants were divided into three rooms, where three Central Work Organization staff presented their cases on the programs the programs ABS (Access to Basic Services), D&P (Democracy and Peacebuilding) and SFED (Sustainable and Fair Economic Development). It was a 10 minutes presentation and 20 minutes discussion among the group. The session consisted of two rounds. After the first round, groups swapped to other rooms according to their interests, which case they would like to see.

Our case was about a consortium of NGO's working in Ethiopia. They were involved in a program on local market development, funded by ICCO. What we discussed in my group was the implementation of the four ICCO roles, with an emphasis on the brokerage roles and strategic funding. The other two roles, lobby and advocacy and capacity building, should be improved.

The afternoon session started with the division of groups based on questions put on the wall in the morning session. Participants went to the rooms, where they continued to discuss the burning questions. The objective of the afternoon session was to discuss the questions and share information between CWO and RWO staff regarding 4 roles of ICCO.

Closing of the session was in an interactive way. The facilitator took the wooden stick and called it a "power stick", whoever takes it, has to do speech and share his/her impression about the day. Each participant told his/her opinion about the day, and wishes to all participants. Evening program was dinner with RWO and CWO by regions, where colleagues had friendly atmosphere.

Iskenderbek Amanbaev
Program Officer Local Market Development
RWO ICCO Central Asia

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