Monday, 25 May 2009

Overview of first day of induction training

The first day of the induction training started with opening remarks of the facilitators. This was followed by an introduction of the participants. The training further progressed with a question and answer exercise about ICCO and its values. The purpose of this exercise was to gain knowledge about ICCO. The Regional Working Office (RWO) Team were asked to introduce their team.

Picture: Kees de Ruiter summarises the program content (click here for more pictures)

Sushil Kumar Pandey: "What I appreciated about the day was that people were very open to pick up the concerns of the participants. This includes our expectations of this training. There were open discussions about burning issues of the participants. The facilitators took our expectations into account and gave us space to discuss burning issues amongst the RWO's staff For example, in the evening the facilitators left the participants to give them enough space and freedom to discuss burning issues. Thanks to this approach not only were the burning issues discussed within the RWO staff, but it also allowed staff from various regions to discuss and learn from eachother. In a group exercise we discussed the mission, vision, values, norms, strategies and the environment of ICCO. This group exercise gave an insight to participants to have more clarity and understanding upon these crucial elements of ICCO".

By Sushil Kumar Pandey and Stephanie Zwier

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