Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Discussing our values; day 2 of the induction program

The day started with the “Moment of inspiration”, which was very sensitive and inspired the people to work further. These sensitive moments gave me a spirit to feel ICCO’s nature, its the most noble side.

The whole day was quite exciting, we were discussing values of ICCO and it was very interesting to see how diverse we all are and how we can all live and work in one organization. Some people said that we are a funding agency and do not much care about building relationships, the others said that building relationships is an important role of ICCO.

This is a unique situation, when we say we are different but we are the same.
The time before lunch we tried to discuss partner policy and the work we are responsible for as Regional Offices. Quite complicated but a lot of interests were expressed on this issue.

After lunch the participants together with facilitators and resource people discussed four roles ICCO plays, more specifically lobbying role. Different points of view, should RWO’s be involved into lobbying themselves or should it be more facilitating of partners to lobby and allow to do it to those who can do it better then RWO’s.

The evening session was very serious (about Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation), but the facilitator made it very simple and practical.
It was a good day of interaction between resources people and participants and between the participants, feedback and reflections.

By Gulzat Temirova

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