Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The constant gardener, ComPart gardener?

Today, Tuesday February 10, 2009, participants in the ComPart 'south' workshop focussed on deepening their understanding of ComPart thinking. Various ComPart tools, prospective web2.0 tools and ComPart gardening were introduced, shared and discussed throughout the day.

The day started with a nature walk. Participants explored some trails in the woods and paused at various stops to reflect on their feelings and expectations required to grow a blooming ComPart garden.

This was followed by a marathon session, facilitated by Chris Addison, on various flowers in the ComPart garden by Pier Andrea Pirani and Maarten Boers. They gave a brief overview about the various ComPart flowers - the toolbar, wikis, blogs, igoogle and delicious. Later, participants divided into various teams to integrate, discuss and develop a real scenario from their day to day experiences, where ComPart tools could effectively fulfil the needs of ICCO colleagues and partners.

SangoNet's Janine Moolman reflects on the day:

There are so many Web2.0 that could be integrated into ComPart. We all contributed ideas for new additions to the garden, so many that we were almost dazzled by the various possibilities.

Chris Addison, one of Compart's original gardeners, sums up his day:

Yvette Petit reflects on Euforic's use of web 2.0 tools within the team.

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