Monday, 9 February 2009

Some first steps at the ComPart South Workshop - 9 February 2009

Today, Monday 9 February 2009, participants from the ComPart south workshop took some initial steps in sharing knowledge and learning. Expectations were shared, a snapshot of latest developments in the ICCO alliance and the current status of ComPart were presented by Maarten Boers. Some latest developments on 'the wiki garden', which shows the 53 wiki's and their content were presented. Gerrit Visser from ICCO presented the latest developments in synthesising knowledge and information structuring.

Various sessions were led by "Southern participants" who shared their experiences with ComPart. Rosemalia Andrade from RIMISP explained how they developed an internal learning and knowledge sharing platform to practice what it preaches. Second, she explained how to stimulate the use of tools for partner organisations. She explained that responsibility needed to be shared, that we should just get started and that everything implemented should be simple.

Rosemalia Andrade reflects on the day.

Hempal Shrestha from SAP International reflected on his experiences with ComPart in Nepal. Yorsaon Christophe Hien showed the blip they used to reflect on an education workshop held in Burkina Faso in late 2008.

Finally, participants discussed in three groups (1, 2 and 3) required improvements in program development in general and how ComPart could meet those needs. You are invited to leave a comment on the notes on this blog.

Reflections by Bengaly Oudou on the day in French

Reflections by Hempal in the day

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