Wednesday, 16 September 2009

IWC09: A recipe for success

The International Working Conference has focussed on all the participants working together to develop the ideas and strategies that underpin the future work of the ICCO Alliance.

This evening this was taken one step further with participants not only working together in the conference, but cooking their own dinner together in the kitchen.

This meeting has been using a number of innovative approaches to ensuring participation in the process, visualising ideas and concepts through cartoons, summarising the conference each day in a news bulletin and keeping remote and conference participants informed through a wiki and this blog.

The cookery class comes at the end of an intensive day where small groups have been working in parallel to develop approaches to different issues throughout the day. This process will continue tomorrow with pesrnal reflections from the participants and an open space sessions to further deepen into the issues and provide specific recommendations for the ICCO Alliance work.

As we sit down to write this we are still waiting to taste the meal from the joint cooking activity, but lets hope that "Too many cooks don't spoil the broth" and that they can stand the heat and stay in the kitchen.

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1 comment:

Adriana Ramos said...

Certainly the Chef food would be much better... But dinner would not be so amused and integration no so effective. Very interesting exercise!