Thursday, 17 September 2009

IWC09: Co-creating plans

In line with the participatory cooking exercise of the night before, the third day of the 2009 IWC focused on 'co-creation': based on the outcomes of the conversations as they emerged from the previous days, participants were asked to make choices and create clarity about the priorities and the main foundations of the future work of the ICCO Alliance.

A solo-refection exercise allowed participants to find some time and space to think back and and digest the ideas that have been emerging in the conference so far, and to define their vision for the future of the ICCO Alliance. The plenary feedback session created then the ground for the open space, where participants divided themselves into groups. They flashed out concrete suggestions on how the ICCO Alliance should work in the coming periods, for example in terms of identity and values, priority themes and burning issues, country choice etc.

Very concrete recommendations and proposals were made, forming a rather solid basis to build upon and to further develop. The common feeling was that the seeds for something new and different have been planted, and that the conversation has been scaled up significantly.

A contribution to today's process has been made also by ICCO staff joining for a cabaret performance. This is an established tradition in the ICCO Utrecht office, and it was great to have a snapshot of this year upcoming programme.

David Kabiswa from ACET in Uganda shared with us some of his reflections on the day. He truly appreciated the process and the fact that enough time was given to reflect and to dive deep into the content of the matters, coming up with concrete suggestions for the work the Alliance should focus on in the coming time.

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