Tuesday, 15 September 2009

IWC09: A picture is worth a thousand words

Sitting in a tricky management meeting, a colleague pointed out to Mark de Koning that the cartoon he had doodled in the margin of his notes might break the ice in the meeting. The use of his cartoons in that meeting was so successful that he discovered a new career.

An ex-fireman and facilitator Mark has not looked back since, as he says himself in the video below judge for yourself how good he is at it.

With the series of cartoons he produced yesterday he has managed to capture the spirit of the discussions and some interesting insights into the topics.

He has covered the process of setting values, illustrated the topics such as stewardship, working together, the justice debate and interactions with donors with a few pen strokes.

He explains how cartoons in meetings can provide a shortcut in designing projects and provoke debate as well as providing a way to visualise complex ideas.

Take a look at Mark's cartoons and decide which is your favorite.

Visit his site for more background.

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