Wednesday, 19 May 2010

ComPart Workshop in Soesterberg 2010

Hi all!

I am Andi K. Yuwono from Praxis Association, Jakarta - Indonesia. I am the national coordinator for Collective Learning Forum - People Initiative. The forum is directed not towards specific issue nor sector but towards the effort to develop the interaction intensity among actors of change. Through consolidation among agents of change the vision to achieve democratization, justice, peace, and or the promotion and protection of human rights whether in civil, political, economy, social and cultural aspects can be expected to be accomplished.

This is my second day at KdK in Soesterberg. We are still learning about the "power" of ComPart. It is held by ICCO, and facilitating by Pete, Pier, Danny and Maarten.

Well, ComPart (Communication with and among Partners) is an initiative of the ICCO Alliance. By enabling more effective knowledge sharing and exchange, it aims to support ongoing strategic changes in the Alliance members – and the way in which they and their staff collaborate with partners worldwide. It also offers a set of tools and processes that individuals and teams may use to optimize the effectiveness of their work.

It is good to be here, even it is too cold for me. Thanks to everyone.

For further info please visit my full Trip Report.

By Andi K. Yuwono

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