Saturday, 15 May 2010

ComPart South 2010 workshop

After having met in Lisbon in 2008 and in Woudschoten (Utrecht) in 2009, this year 'ComPart South' workshop is taking place again in the Netherlands, in Soesterberg from 18 to 21 May 2010.

In these past 2 years, besides the different activities undertaken with ICCO staff in Utrecht, we started building a network of 'enabler' organisations and individuals that could support and extend ComPart to Southern partners of the ICCO Alliance. These experiences have been documented extensively on this blog.

This year, we'll take one step further these efforts and the learning we did along the process: together with 'old' and 'new' enablers we'll be working also with ICCO representatives from the regional offices, to develop concrete plans of action for the ComPart support for each of the 8 regions where ICCO has opened its regional offices. In this sense, we'll be introducing the ‘ComPart Way of Working’ and discuss it with the participants, seeing how this can be applied in their regional context. Further, we'll also to train ourselves in the use of the main ComPart tools, so that we all have a strong knowledge of the different applications available, and know exactly when and how to use them.

As usual, we'll be 'walking the talk' and we'll be using social media to capture the main elements of the workshop and engage other interested parties in the conversation. On this blog, you'll find a daily post summarizing the day in words as well as with video and pictures. ICCO staff can also take a closer look at the daily notes and participate remotely on the ComPart Support Wiki.

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