Wednesday, 19 May 2010

From blip to blog*

We just started our second day at the Soesterberg 2010 Compart enablers conference (not entirely sure in what order I should use these words) with a reflective walk in the woods surrounding the conference venue. While the people from Europe were enjoying the nice weather, our colleagues from the regional ICCO offices and the enablers had a somewhat different experience. Some of them actually come from 45+ degrees Celsius!

As part of the workshop, all participants will create a blog and a wiki that they will use to shed their light on the workshop. The assignment includes the embedding of multiple media formats into the blog and wiki. Camera's have been flashing and recording all day long and as a result, a lot of information and media has already been produced and uploaded. If you'd like to follow what is happening here in Soesterberg, you have several options, as usual:

  1. For images, please visit this set on the Flickr account of compartuser.
  2. If you prefer moving images, you can check compartuser on
  3. The Compart support wiki has more information about the workshop, with, among others, background information on regional contexts and the raw notes of the different sessions.
  4. And for those who really want to stay up to date with everything as it happens here in Soesterberg, some of us are tweeting with the hashtag #comparten
  5. And finally, we will keep you updated on this blog.

Let us know in the comments if you have questions about the process or if you want
to hear more from the participants or the different regions. We'll study them in detail!

by Danny Aerts

* Nice reference (credits to P. Cranston) to the embedding of videos into blog posts, that has nothing to do with this article.

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